Design-Driven Entrepreneurship

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Learning Outcomes

At the end of the entire course, this is what I’m hoping you will all have to take back with you:

The first, is a set of tools for applying business design to challenges you face in Africa, either for your new business or for the business you currently work for. Most of all, this is a challenge facing most businesses in the U.S. As leaders, if you can put some of these tools into action, it will get you ahead of your competition.

Designing in teams. This is the hardest part for everyone. It is the KEY challenge for leaders. My hope is that you experience enough of it here that you can bring this back, and LEAD teams in design. This goes to culture and leadership.

• For those of you whose projects you are working on, I hope that you will create some new thinking within your group that you can take back and apply right away. I hope there are other things you will work on for later. But that the effort and energy of the group compel you forward in your new business.

• Lastly, you should have a practical foundation for creating a design-driven organization. You can do this at every level. And you will see, that the organizations that do this, win.