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We're pleased to announce the launch of IBM Digital – Nation Africa (D - NA). With D - NA, you can expand your skills on emerging technologies such as cloud, AI, IoT, Blockchain, and more. Then you can apply what you learn and build your own intelligent chatbot, AI app, or robot. With this ever-changing world, you can also use our Job Advisor tool, powered by Watson technology, to understand key skills in demand in the job market, identify which skills you need, and discover relevant courses. All courses are free, and you can access them anytime, anywhere. For every course you successfully complete, an IBM Digital Badge will be issued, which you can share on social media platforms like LinkedIn. More importantly, as a registered D - NA user, you are entitled to a free IBM Cloud Lite account. With IBM Cloud Lite, you get quick and easy access to more than 170 services that can help you rapidly build your cloud apps (no credit card is required, and the account never expires).

What you will learn

  • Length:
    3 weeks
  • Effort:
    3 hours per week
  • Institution:
  • Category:
    IBM Digital - Nation Africa (D-NA) Initiative
  • Level:
  • Languages:
    English (en)
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